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Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales is a licensed auction company conducting Las Vegas Auctions and Las Vegas Estate Sales in Nevada. Both methods accomplish the goal of selling personal property in Las Vegas, but as experienced Las Vegas Auctioneers, we know that sellers can generally receive the highest price by having an Estate Sale.

In a Las Vegas Auction, merchandise sells in a flash for the highest price bid at that moment by the attendees. There is no negotiating, there is no opportunity to accept an offer, and there is no time to consider the bid.

In a Las Vegas Estate Sale, the personal property items for sale are priced individually, buyers can look at the personal property contents over a period of approximately 30 days, and the Estate Sales Company has complete control over the sales price.

An Estate Sale process is simple. Once a contract is executed between the seller and Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales, we come onto the property and begin to sort, stage and move things around. We often work onsite for 30 days prior to the Estate Sale, going through all the property’s contents and pricing items appropriately, researching values of the unique pieces, and discussing the values of the more expensive items with high-end auction houses.

To achieve the best prices possible, we divide the personal property into different categories. High-end art, antiques, designer items, and marked pieces might be sent to a high-end auction house in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Some items might be placed on eBay to achieve the highest and best price. We may contact one of our customers who we know collects specific items and make a direct sale before we open to the general public. Then the majority of the contents are prepared for the 3-4 day Estate Sale. Sometimes we follow up with a “garage sale” to move out all the remaining items. And, of course, sellers need buyers, so our process includes developing and implementing a marketing plan to attract the most appropriate—and best paying—buyers for each Estate Sale we conduct.

Don’t throw ANYTHING away! We sell outdated cell phones, old towels, broken furniture, unopened food, open containers of plastic baggies and foil, and many other items you may think are worthless. We do all the work, including disposing of any trash that isn’t salable (which is very little). And at the end of the sale, we can donate the few unsold items to a 501c3 charity and give you the receipt for your taxes. Our charities of choice include Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Project 150, and Volunteers in Medicine, just to name a few. As a Las Vegas native of over 50 years, I am very much in tune with the community and the needs of every organization. I can dispose of every last item, from medical supplies to aluminum scrap.

All you need to do is take what you want to keep and lock the door behind you. We will do everything else and deliver a completely empty home to you at the end of the Estate Sale.

When considering a Las Vegas Auctioneer or Las Vegas Personal Property and Estate Sale Company, you should know who you are allowing to access your home and everything you own. You should ask to meet them in their place of business and ask to see their Auction or Estate Sales Licenses, their General Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance policies, and their bonds. I possess several business licenses which anyone can get, but I also carry a regulated Auctioneers License, which takes 8 months to 1 year to be granted—many people cannot qualify for that level of licensing. I am also a certified personal property appraiser through the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, which makes me more qualified to value your items. I am simply held to a higher standard through licensing and professional affiliations.

I am also a Las Vegas Real Estate Broker-Salesperson and I can sell your Las Vegas Real Estate too! It benefits the Seller if I list the real estate and the personal property at the same time, as I can maximize the exposure on both. However, if you already have a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, your Agent will prefer to work with me, because I understand their needs and goals and I work closely with them to keep the property clean, staged and show-ready. I keep all of their marketing materials on display and direct all interested parties directly to them.

Although I could not have a successful Estate Sale without my fabulous buyers, I exclusively represent the seller. I have a fiduciary responsibility to achieve the highest price I can for the banks, lawyers, trusts, real estate agents, and private party individuals whom I represent.

Raise your expectations and call me for a free consultation.


Susan Russell

Auctioneer / Certified Personal Property Appraiser / Merchandise Broker
Real Estate Broker-Salesperson, Urban Nest Realty
Phone: (702) 588-3800

In addition to conducting Personal Property Auctions and Estate Sales, Susan is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser and Real Estate Broker-Salesperson.

Susan specializes In Valuating and Liquidating Entire Portfolios of Real and Personal Property. Her clients include Banks, Trustees, Attorneys, and the General Public.


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